Company Overview

Fun-Printz - for names to be seen!!

Fun-Printz, an express label printing service, specializes on the printing of Fun-Tags, Fun-Labels and Iron-On-Labels. We print your requests on the spot while you do your shopping. Our products personalize your belongings and make them unique for you and your loved ones.

Our Products:

Our Fun-Tags are made from quality materials designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. They come in two varieties: personalized and non-personalized.

Personalized Fun-Tags mark your belongings with your choice of colours (bright and bold) and designs (such as images and contents). If you could not decide, then go for the non-personalized Fun-Tags, which do the same and you can choose from our range of in-house designs available.

Our Fun-Tags are perfect for personalizing and marking your luggage, work, leisure and school bags. Tags with bright and vibrant colours enable your children to spot their school bags easily, even your luggage at the airport’s luggage carousel! Your bags may attract attention in whatever occasion but no one will claim them as theirs because the Fun-Tags you attached are with your name.

Our Fun-Labels are made of quality and durable stickers, come in different sizes for your personal liking. They are produced with laminated surface to ensure the high visibility of sharp clear text, with bold designs and vibrant colours that do not fade.

Our Fun-Labels add colours and stylish twist to your belongings, whether you are labelling your books, stationery, kitchen utensils, containers and any other items. You can personalize your Fun-Labels by choosing from our range of vibrant colours and unique in-house symbols to highlight the trendy and fashionable you.

Our users love our Fun-Labels because they have helped their school-going children reduce the rates of lost belongings and this has given them peace of mind.

Our Iron-On-Labels are made from quality materials as they need to be ironed onto prominent spots of your clothing. As a result, you are able to identify those clothes as yours with ease.

Our Iron-On-Labels’ designs are colourful and stylish to use on clothes for day-care, nursery, kindergarten, school, as well as any outdoor activities. You can choose to print emergency numbers and info of allergies on your Iron-On-Labels too.

Kindly use our product previewer to ease the process of placing order for your selection of products. Our step-by-step ordering process ensures you the fun of choosing colours, designs, fonts and optional icons to create your very own personalized Fun-Printz products before they are delivered to you.

We hope you will love creating your personalized Fun-Tags, Fun-Labels and Iron-On-Labels as much as we enjoy making them for you!